Thursday, March 21, 2013

suicide loops drown me in
fire - let go - let go and breathe -
unbottle your spine - pop,
pop, pop - the muscles release -
the vertebrae click
break free of all the
millions of spider threads which
bewitch and enchant
I am hollow and dark -
the beach calls me and spiders
tie me to the chair
the beach bunker to
fight the long gone enemy -
concrete, rust - a shell
walk away - dance on
the beach - look at my thoughts - shells
contorted - bunker
Erebus winter -
mirror, mirror on the wall -
self image - beetles
a dark lonely freak
tearing out my eyeballs -
the mirror slices

Monday, March 18, 2013

for sale: one used heart,
chipped/bruised - no accessories -
free to a good home
I did all I could
but the first limping steps broke
me - my thrift shop heart
I followed you with
my dreams and we talked: you tried
on dresses - my heart